Not Your Grandad's Pasta Primavera.

Wait. YES IT IS! Also known as the most worthwhile pain in the ass ever.

Sometimes, you don't have the tteok part of tteokbokki so you cry yourself to sleep to avoid the unrequited craving. ⁠

Other times you make the damn thing with wheat noodles instead. Eff it, amirite? No I'm not right. It's not the same. It was still good though. And it made me cry a little.⁠

At least the #eomuk (fishcake) was homemade. ⁠


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Sometimes your culinary efforts spawn greatness in the form of flawless food. ⁠

Other times, the sluglike #gnocchi you labored over for two hours, and that looked so perky on the table, dissolve into a mass of floury potato sludge in the pot. Like these little fuckers did. ⁠

PSA: #potatognocchi are a pain in the ass. Switch to #ricottagnocchi and save yourself some rage-y frustration. ⁠

#pastarage (we're making that a thing.)⁠

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Doing Some Good

We’re well aware that lots, if not most of the stuff on this blog is really only accessible or affordable to a certain group of folks, and that the vast majority of folks out there struggle just to make ends meet and put ANY kind of food on their family’s table. To try and do what we can to help, we sponsor a different food-oriented charity every month. We research our charitable choices pretty deeply, as we want our dollars to go where they can help the most.

Right now, these contributions are made by Wobbles and Zesty themselves, but the goal is to have part of any proceeds made by this site, Youtube channel, etc. go to charity.

This Month’s Charity

The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank is an incredible organization committed to fulfilling the basic human need of having enough food to underserved communities in the Pittsburgh Area.  We picked it as our first charity to support because of the demonstrable good it has done our own community. We were especially impressed with how quickly the charity adapted and provided for a much broader group of people during the initial shock of the Covid19 crisis.