Skillet Lasagna That Doesn't Suck!

Find out why skillet lasagna usually sucks and how to fix it.

Sometimes your culinary efforts spawn greatness in the form of flawless food. ⁠

Other times, the sluglike #gnocchi you labored over for two hours, and that looked so perky on the table, dissolve into a mass of floury potato sludge in the pot. Like these little fuckers did. ⁠

PSA: #potatognocchi are a pain in the ass. Switch to #ricottagnocchi and save yourself some rage-y frustration. ⁠

#pastarage (we're making that a thing.)⁠

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Mise for the absolutely EPIC #pastaprimavera video coming up. This dish, done right, is such a beast.

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I'm a little tardy to the "skillet lasagna" party, but I'm also kind of pissed about the whole idea.

I mean, how can you expect to make something even APPROACHING the quality of a really good baked lasagna in 30 minutes or fewer on a busy weeknight with no baking?

Certainly most of the existing recipes don't even come close. They're either straight up NOT LASAGNA, like the @PioneerWoman's recipe for “chicken skillet lasagna” that I pick apart in my video, or they're a poor substitute, missing tons of the stuff that you crave when you crave lasagna.

But shockingly, and against all odds and my own expectations, we managed to cobble together a skillet version of lasagna that actually tastes almost exactly as it should and can still be done in 30 minutes.

And we filmed it live with a timer so you know I'm not bullshitting you, like so many other of these folks do.

Link to the video is in the bio.

Happy cooking!


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