Skillet Lasagna That Doesn't Suck!

Find out why skillet lasagna usually sucks and how to fix it.

Mise for the absolutely EPIC #pastaprimavera video coming up. This dish, done right, is such a beast.

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I'm a little tardy to the "skillet lasagna" party, but I'm also kind of pissed about the whole idea.

I mean, how can you expect to make something even APPROACHING the quality of a really good baked lasagna in 30 minutes or fewer on a busy weeknight with no baking?

Certainly most of the existing recipes don't even come close. They're either straight up NOT LASAGNA, like the @PioneerWoman's recipe for “chicken skillet lasagna” that I pick apart in my video, or they're a poor substitute, missing tons of the stuff that you crave when you crave lasagna.

But shockingly, and against all odds and my own expectations, we managed to cobble together a skillet version of lasagna that actually tastes almost exactly as it should and can still be done in 30 minutes.

And we filmed it live with a timer so you know I'm not bullshitting you, like so many other of these folks do.

Link to the video is in the bio.

Happy cooking!


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#tteokbokki is as fun to eat as it is to say. Actually it's not fun to say, I can't actually pronounce it unless I pause for 5 seconds ahead of time and sound it out like a toddler.

It's freaking amazing, though, and easy as hell to make if you have #gochujang and and #gochugaru, which are Korean chili paste and Korean chili flakes respectively.

This is the tastiest, spiciest way to do a #fridgecleanout that I can think of. Other than okonomiyaki which I posted about yesterday which is as tasty but not as spicy. But I digress.

This one has a bunch of #nappacabbage, #hotdogs (which is actually a thing, I swear) and #fishtofu (because I couldn't find any #koreanfishcake) to go alongside those #koreanricecakes.

The noods were...there...but ultimately unnecessary and I won't include them again.

Basically, you just mix the paste and chilliflakes in with beef or chickenstock and toss everything in to simmer. It's seriously I swear to god that easy and it's amazing.

I got most of this recipe from #aaronandclaire whom I LOVE to watch and you should too.

You can thankfully find Gochujang almost anywhere and there are a million subs for Gochugaru that are fine. So try this AND PUT IT IN YOUR FACE.

Also, gochujang-doused hotdogs beats chillidogs any day. Fight me.


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Baby's first #okonomiyaki! It is the easiest way to make really healthy veg and seafood unhealthily delicious!!!

Basically all you do is cut up a load of veg like #nappacabbage, carrot, and #scallion, or whatever else you wanna get rid of, dice up some #seafood like #shrimp or #fishcake or whatever you have and toss it into a bowl.

Mix it with batter made of #hondashi and water and of course eggs, mixed in right before you fry. Bonus points if you have #bacon to slap on top of this bad boy before the flip.

Optional ingredient: Chinese Yam. If you grate it, it turns into delicious snot that makes the batter taste even better and lightens it up...weirdly.

Slap that mix on a cast iron or nonstick pan on medium heat for five minutes, take your life into your own hands as you flip it over and cook it on the other side for 5 minutes and then slather it with #okonomiyakisauce or if you don't have it, a mix of ketchup, soy, and sugar. And, if you're me, a healthy dollop of #sriracha becauase #spicy is better. And of course don't forget your #kewpiemayo on top, because it's not already unhealthy enough.

One of these will fill. You. Up. I got most of this recipe from the awesome Cooking with Dog, but played fast and loose with the fillings.



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My husband and I have been going to Kiku in Pittsburgh for over 11 years and I have never had a bad bite. This Valentine’s Day we ordered out, plated up, and ate in our sweats by the fire. While I still miss the amazing ambiance and friendly servers at the restaurant, it was still amazing. Next time dine in!! ...

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Doing Some Good

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