About Absolute Nom

Hello, world!

By day, we’re Jacob and Christina – nondescript keyboard jockeys of the digital economy. But by night, we emerge as Wobbles Bavarois and Zesty Pavlova! Gastronomic adventurers, researchers and would-be sages of the many things people stuff in their faces. We’re seriously into making food from scratch and we’d love the chance to drag you with us as we insanely climb as far up the food production chain as possible.

A few things to know about the blog:

Though intensely interested in it, we’re not precious about the cooking from scratch concept. To us, from scratch food exists on a sort of sliding scale. On one end, we talk about food picked from our garden and then prepped and cooked entirely by hand, from scratch. On the other end of the scale is a meal with one homemade ingredient in an otherwise totally store-bought dish (the egg noodle casserole, where the only homemade ingredient was the egg noodles.) We have squad goals of getting AS MUCH of our food from scratch as possible but we’ve got lives to live outside the kitchen and video games to play and stuff so it is what it is.

We’re all about curtailing food waste of all types. ALL the food you see photographed (except the occasional cooking debacle) is then eaten, and all the organic waste is composted (by which we mean fed to the deer who get to it before it degrades. Our compost is anemic.) We use produce with imperfections and we don’t do anything to make stuff more photogenic at the expense of deliciousness, because what you’re seeing here is dinner and above all, food must be tasty. This might have the secondary effect of realistic presentations that make the recipes and techniques we’re talking about more accessible and less daunting. Or maybe it means Instagram doom. Time will tell.

At the end of each post, we recommend stuff that we've used to make whatever it is in the post. Sometimes these are hard to find ingredients and sometimes it's flatware, kitchenware, or equipment we particularly love and want other people to try out. These links will almost always be affiliate links of some type, either going to Amazon or wherever it is we bought the stuff from. However, we're only linking to stuff we actually endorse. And if we bought something from an independent artist, we'll be linking to them without any type of kickback, 'cause that's how we roll.

Last but not least, we’re painfully aware that this whole idea of from-scratch cooking with amazing products isn’t accessible to a lot of the world’s population who are struggling just to put any food on their table. In an effort to acknowledge this and do what small good we can, we donate to a different food charity every month that helps underserved populations either get or learn about food. It’s not much, but it’s what we can do.

Join us as we discover this world through the many tasty things it offers – we promise we’ll have some fun along the way.

To your health,

Wobbles & Zesty